Friday, May 21, 2010

York Hospital Lifts - panel 1 installed

It's always good to see a project installed. This first phase needs final approval in relation to use of the lift by people with visual impairments - the fact that we were using reflective glass and mirror was making some people nervous in this respect. We're confident it will pass the test and are looking forward to making another 4 panels.

The panel is made up of a rear layer of mirror which is almost entirely obscured by sandblasted glass. The mirror adds light and luminosity to the panel. The front glass layer is sandblasted and painted on the back and is also sandblasted on the front giving depth and a multi-layered effect.

Each panel will be based round a species of tree, and this first one is cherry. The text isn't necessarily meant to be read but gives interesting facts about the cherry tree - it's origins, how it is propogated etc. The text weaves between the sandblasted layers and so is sharp in some areas and partially obscured in others.

The artwork went down well with folk at the hospital. Adrian and I are pleased with it too. The estates manager, who admitted he was originally opposed any art in the lifts declared it 'not bad at all' which apparently is praise indeed!

Glass panel arrives!

The project making glass panels for inside 5 lifts in York Hospital is moving along now. Panel 1 is a bit of a test panel, and providing it is approved we will then be making another four. This is also a collaboration with Adrian Riley of Electric Angel Design.

A delivery is always an exciting time. Here our sandblasted and painted glass panel arrives from Creative Glass ready for installation. Adrian inspects!

The guys from Rubax Lifts start the installation. Those sucker things are great for lifting glass, although the sandblasted areas make them lose suction so they have to be quick - I was scared!

Twenty two and three quarter miles to Whitby

a couple more pictures of Everyone's Always Somewhere...

Everyone's Always Somewhere

'Everyone's Always Somewhere' is now the official title of our now completed Old Railway Line project. It's the first line of the poem written by poet John Clarke in response to discussions with users of the old railway line. The phrase is actually a direct quote from one of the first young people we chatted to. I'm pleased it has now become the title.
The picture with the blue strip shows the glass strips which are silvered on 3 sides and inserted between the flags to add detail, depth and luminosity to the design. And I quite like the one showing the workmen reading the poem and coming over all contemplative!

Here are a few photos of the complete project. I'll add some wider shots ones we've scrubbed the tarmac and the surrounding green areas have been tidied!