Saturday, October 3, 2009


I started out as a painter and printmaker, gradually gravitating towards glass through a lifetime fascination with all things transparent, translucent and reflective. After some time earning a living through curating, arts management and gallery based education I took the plunge and did a Masters Degree in Glass at the University of Sunderland (and got a distinction - hurrah!). This intense period of study expanded my repertoire of techniques and skills base as well as developing my work from an intellectual and critical perspective. It was an amazing experience and I squeezed every little bit out of it that I could. I became really good at juggling plates (or I had plenty of practice at any rate) - combining paid work, looking after a 5 year old and part-time but all consuming study was bloody hard work and nearly killed me! It was a really good decision to go back into education though, as already it has fast-tracked my art creating career immensely and things look poised for action!

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