Thursday, October 8, 2009

Old Railway Line public art project

So - what am I up to? You can see some past projects on my website, so I'll document what I'm working on now.

A public art project on the Scarborough - Whitby Old Railway Line is my most recent project. Commissioned by Scarborough Borough Council and the Friends of the Old Railway Line this is a joint project with Adrian Riley of Electric Angel Design. The finished artwork will be ground based and will act as both signage and waymarker. Visually the artwork is inpsired by period railway typography with giant lettering and subtle glass inserts within paving made from recycled glass. Poetry by John Wedgewood Clarke is being etched into the surface. We went to the site with John and talked to users of the track in order to generate words and phrases that formed the raw material from which John has written the poem. Progress can be seen on the projects own blog This images shows the scale mock-up in progress.

The project has been a complicated one particularly regarding costings and sourcing materials and services and has taken many hours of sorting! It's been a steep learning curve but fun nevertheless. It's also been great working with Electric Angel. It has made me realise I much prefer working with other people. Partnership working here I come!

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