Saturday, November 14, 2009

old railway line delays

The installation of our Old Railway Line public art project has now been put back for a second time - until January! While things were pretty tight schedule-wise, and the first short delay was quite welcome, this does seem a long time to wait.

I'm now on with further research into health and safety issues to do with laying the glass strips into the ground. Our work has to be able to withstand vehicles driving over it, and the contractors need to have proof that the stuff we're asking them to install complies with health and safety regulations and is fit for purpose. With the etched paving slabs the supplier provides that information. With strips of glass that I've water-jet cut and am soon to be silvering it doesn't seem so straightforward. Hmmm... think I need to give my old tutor a ring - architectural glass artist Cate Watkinson of Watkinson Glass Associates.

Anyway, I had fun water-jet cutting the glass at the University of Sunderland's Glass dept. (see picture)

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